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Alan joined the British Army at age 15 and Trained as a Vehicle Mechanic. He served for 25 years and worked on Trucks Tanks and Helicopters during that time.
He took up Target pistol shooting in 1974 and represented the Army at the Inter Services Service Pistol Match in 1975, and then each year until he retired from the Army in 1985 He was also the Army Service pistol Champion during the last five years of his service. In 1980 he gained a place in the National Standard Pistol and Centrefire Pistol Squads. He represented UK at the 1982 World Championships, shooting Standard Pistol and CF Pistol.
 He retired from the National Squad in 1985 and was appointed National Coach for the Std. and CF pistol squads. This continued until the Government destroyed the sport by Banning pistol ownership.
In 1985 Alan purchased Britarms which was at that time out of production and the stock in storage. In conjunction with his Garage business Alan brought the pistol back into production. Rachel his eldest Daughter joined the firm shortly afterwards.

Rachel trained as a Production Engineer at the local Technical College, while working at Westlake Engineering, building and repairing Britarms and other Target Pistols

In 1990 the Garage was closed down and the Westlake family (and Britarms) moved to deepest Wiltshire, where production continued until the Government banned the product. we currently manufacture Nitro burning Muzzle Loading Pistols based on the Alfa .357 Magnum revolver frame.



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